Built 1976 for snow load (instead of wind load)
Picture taken in Jan 2012
We do quality, honest construction at a
reasonable price
You get the best house, built just for you.
We are family owned and family operated.
You can rest assured we will have your best
interest at heart.  We don't get too busy for you.  
We know you by name; and will for years to come.
We listen.
You get what you want, or as much as your budget
We tell it like it is.
You know what you are getting and how it will be
built before we have a final agreement.
We can build any home or any floor plan.
You have many different choices from which to
make your decision.  You tell us what you like and
don't like and we will create the right house for you.
We are local.
We have been serving ALL of Galveston County.  
You don't have to wait for us to come from
Houston, Beaumont, or some other town.  We are
here for you. We oversee the full building process.
You can rest assured you are getting the house
you expect.
Owner built his first house in 1976.
You get many years of quality experience .We
know how to build to and exceed your areas
building codes.  The 1976 house was built to
snow load instead of wind load, and it is still
standing and in great condition
(see current picture below).
Gulf Coast Construction
We are very experienced in coastal building. Your
house will pass all inspections. We know what we
are doing and you can rest assured that your
house is done correctly.
We agree upon a price before we have a deal.
NO price bumps. You don't have to worry about %
of cost enticing us to sell you more than you want
just to help our profit.
We do quality, honest construction at a
reasonable price.
You get high efficiency, best flood insurance rate,
and a home that lasts.
We have satisfied customers.
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You can feel confident we will take good care of
you and make your building experience as fun and
exciting as possible.
We have sizable cash reserve.
You will not spend all of your time chasing money
for draws.
We have quality, courteous crews.
Your house will be built well and
the way you want it.
We build one of a kind, cost effective homes for all
your needs.
You are always welcome to check our past
references so you can make a well informed
decision.  When you have gathered all of your
information and processed it; we are confident WE
WILL BE YOUR BUILDER. Give us a call so we
can begin helping you get the house YOU want.
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We are:




Walz Family Builders
Crystal Beach, Texas